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updated 11/10/2021


FMS-Main (8th)

FMS-Auxiliary (7th)

Benold-Main (8th)

Benold-Aux (7th)


Forbes 8A vs. Gateway 8A

F7A VS. Gate7A

Benold 8A VS. Ridgeview 8A

B7A VS. Ridge 7A


F8B VS. Gateway 8B

F7B VS. Gate 7B

B8B VS. Ridgeview 8B

B7B VS. Ridge 7B


Travel Break





Forbes 8A VS. Ridgeview 8A

F7A VS. Ridge 7A

Benold 8A VS. Gateway 8A

B7A VS. Gate 7A


F8B VS. Ridgeview 8B

F7B VS. Ridge 7B

Benold 8B VS. Gate 8B

Benold 7B VS. Gate 7B


A teams first, 8th in main, 7th in auxiliary.  Gateway at Forbes first, Ridgeview at Benold, play first slate of games A&B, then Gateway travels to Benold, Ridgeview travels to Forbes. Play second slate of games and done.
  • Forbes and Benold 8th wear dark uniforms, Ridgeview and Gateway 8th wear white.
  • Forbes and Benold 7th wear white uniforms, Ridgeview and Gateway 7th wear dark.
  • Games will be on a rolling start, with a 5 minute-minimum warmup, so please advise parents to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before scheduled tip time. 
  • 20 minute running clock per half with stoppages during last minute of each half. 5 minute half times.
  • Normal time out allotments, free throws, and fouls. 
  • We will accommodate travel between schools and allow a short break before resuming games after teams switch sites.
  • There will be a 3-minute overtime period with a running clock, except last minute.  Each team will be given an additional full timeout.

Admission will be good for both sites, please advise parents to retain the ticket they purchased at first site before switching gyms or they will have to pay again!
Warm-up balls will be provided.  Please tell your players that balls may only be used in the gyms—not in hallways or outside and only for those teams warming up.
Hospitality Room:
A hospitality room will be available for coaches and officials.  No players/parents please.
Concession Stand:
We will have a concession stand at both sites which most likely consist of usual items.

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